Connecticut Calibration Labs prides itself on providing a true calibration service. Your equipment is evaluated for appearance, acclimation requirements and performance to the manufacturer’s specifications. Equipment is
adjusted and recalibrated to specifications with before and after data provided.

Our Client Services Specialist works closely with all team members to assure that our client's quality
requirements needs are met. Our primary goal is to provide top notch services in a timely manner.

We offer free bi-weekly (Tuesday, Friday) local pick-ups and delivery with a minimum of 3 units, on-site
calibration and repair services. Emergency and expedited services provided by arrangement.

Local Pick-Ups & Return Calibration:

Our local Pick-up and Return Calibration service provides reliable service and convenient door to door service for
those businesses in the surrounding areas.

Choose Pick-Ups and Return Service when you need:

  • Prompt, reliable calibration services
  • Obtain consistent, expert accredited calibration services
  • Calibrate items that require special environmental conditions

We also accept on a continuing basis, equipment shipped or delivered to our facilities.
Turnaround time is 5-8 days.

On-Site Calibration:

Connecticut Calibration Labs can schedule onsite calibration services at your convenience in the New England
area. There are no In-State travel charges. Out-of-State charges will be included in your quote. Work is
performed with minimal disruption, and detailed documentation – data sheets and certificates are provided.
Available in hard copy and/or CD at no extra charge to the customer.

Choose On-site Calibration Service when you need to:

  • Maintain quick turnaround time
  • Minimize the risk of shipping delicate and costly instruments
  • Reduce your costs

Repair Services:

Connecticut Calibration provides comprehensive equipment repair services in conjunction with calibration. Repair services can be scheduled with any of our Pick-Ups & Return or On-site calibration services. Save time and
increase productivity by combining equipment repair along with the certification process.